In our journey together we explore the use of intuition, guidance, compassion and laughter to access transformation, magic, healing, and the deeper meanings in your life.

As a professional in private practice for over thirty-five years in Northern California, I have collaborated in healing collectives with other alternative practitioners as well as psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and medical doctors. My practice includes:

PSYCHIC READER: psychic readings for individuals, families and businesses both in person and long distance

ENERGETIC HEALER: sessions that focus on healing issues and illnesses in an integrated, mind-body-spirit approach

METAPHYSICAL TEACHER: ongoing soul development classes, focused workshops, and spiritual tours to local and international sacred sites

SPIRITUAL COUNSELOR: ongoing, in-depth spiritual/psychological work to develop more effective ways for your soul to express itself; as a minister, perform weddings and other life passage ceremonies

SACRED SPACE DESIGNER: analyze and design sacred space for your soul in your own environment

I strongly believe that teachers and healers need to have an ongoing engagement in their own inner processes to become ever-clearer channels and exemplars for their students. Toward this aim, I have continuously sought to develop myself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. As a serious student of metaphysics, esoteric and Shamanic traditions, I have spent a lifetime training and practicing as a psychic reader and energetic healer. Being part Cherokee, I have studied with native shamans in Native American traditions of spirituality and healing. I achieved my Master’s Degree at Sonoma State University, concentrating on Jungian and Transpersonal Psychology. For over twenty years, ten of them training as a teacher, I have been studying the Ridhwan School’s Diamond Approach, a spiritual teaching devoted to True Nature and Self Realization through inquiry into the truth of our experience.†

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