She's a One-Woman Mystery School

As a naturally gifted psychic and medium, I use my direct knowing, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience in all aspects of my work. During forty plus years of professional practice, I have consistently refined and focused these natural abilities to the benefit of those who are called to work with me.

The purpose of my work is to guide you in developing your spirituality and intuition in order to support your soul’s evolutionary journey. I foster independence, creative self-expression, and responsibility to self and other beings so that you can live your life more fully expressing your soul’s deepest truth.

Saosis Mystery School

My work with students over the past two years has taken on a new format, one that is aligned with the great mystery schools. After much study and contemplation, I have settled on the goddess Saosis as its symbolic focus and channeled guide because she was one of the most ancient goddesses we know of, arising in Egypt to pre-date the pantheon of Egyptian and Greco-Roman deities and to be associated with the elemental Tree of Life.

Saosis is the Greek spelling of the primal goddess of ancient Egyptian religion. Her acacia tree is one of the earliest known examples of the Tree of Life—an eternal symbol that later spread through every culture to represent the origin and nurturance of human life, grounded in the earth and reaching for the heavens. The Egyptian deities were born under this Tree of Life.

The fundamental focus of the Saosis Mystery School is Truth and Know Thy Self. The Saosis Mystery School will be organized more directly on the time-honored practices of experiential and spiritual self-awareness as directed and channeled by my own spirit guide Adam, along with Thoth (Greek Hermes)—god of knowledge, wisdom, music, writing and sacred geometry, and influenced by Saosis, the primal goddess. In the mystery school tradition, these sacred entities will guide my structure and teaching to help you integrate your experiences and your learning in this lifetime with your ongoing process of becoming a soul-infused personality and a source of joy for the world.

The next cycle of classes starts in September and all three levels are offered. Please contact me with any questions and to register and discuss the appropriate level for you.

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Please feel free to call or email me for more information.

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