Psychic readings, healing sessions,
spiritual counseling

Phone or Offsite Session, $160/hour

In-office, Individual Session, $140/hour

Relationship (2 or more clients), $160/hour

Channeled readings by my guide Adam, or Archangels or Goddesses. $160

Sacred Space Consultation, $400/2 hours


Class Requirements:

  •  Classes will be held on alternate Tuesdays or Wednesdays, twice a month.

  •  There will be 20 classes, and the cost is $50 for each class, or $1,000. This can be paid in full or in payments.

  •  Also, three private sessions during the nine-month series are required, to deepen and individualize the work.

  •  If you haven’t had a private session with me, that is required as well as the three during the classes.

  •  The cost is $125 per private session.

  •  Level one (Birth) is for those who haven’t taken any classes with me.

  •  Level two (Baptism)& Level three(Transfiguration)are for those who have done classes with me."

Weekend workshops

Weekend Workshop, $350/person

  • 12 hours split between two days.

  • Please check for availability of weekend workshops before scheduling.

  • Workshops, classes, and/or sessions can be arranged in your area.

Sessions are in person or by phone and you may record them.

Please feel free to call or email me for more information.

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